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Top 3 Corporate Team Building Activities In Hong Kong That Are Worth Trying Out

Tact Zone | January 19, 2023

Imagine yourself, sitting awkwardly in a room surrounded by colleagues you work with — people that maybe you should know more about but you tend to avoid. And just as you expected, everyone is on their phones doing their own thing. No one seems to be interacting with each other or remotely enjoying themselves. At the end of the day, it’s proven to be a total waste of time.

If you have attended enough of these company team building events, you know how bizarre and awkward things can get. However, team building events don’t necessarily have to be a dreaded occasion if it’s done right. On top of turning meaningless small talks into sparking connections, investing in team building activities can nurture teamwork culture, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication skills. With that said, we’ve compiled 3 team building activities in Hong Kong that your team will actually enjoy and thank you for the effort.

1. Embark on a memorable ride at HK’s most famous theme parks

Who doesn’t want to indulge themselves in a nostalgic trip to their childhood? With over 6 million visitors every year, both Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park are among the major tourist attractions in Asia, making them one of the most popular choices for team building activities.

First recognized by the Human Resources magazine as the “Best Team Building Training Provider” in 2016, Ocean Park offers an abundance of activities and team building repertoire that will fill your employees with excitement and holiday cheer. OP also has its own Corporate Programme which is specifically designed for employees to unleash their hidden genius and work together towards a common goal with intelligence, enthusiasm, and of course, a truckload of fun!

On the other hand, Disneyland has been dubbed “The Happiest Place on Earth,” and not without a reason. As you enter the Magic Kingdom, you are immediately transported into the world of fairytale wonderland. Here, adults can reconnect with their inner child, and completely forget about the hectic outside world. Hong Kong Disneyland is home to some of the most spectacular rides and world-class attractions in Asia. Whether it’s taking a thrilling ride on Space Mountain, or snapping pictures with your Disney crushes, your employees will fall in love with the park — where magic comes to life before their very eyes.

2. Brain-tease your team with escape rooms

When was the last time you got stuck in a dark room filled with puzzles and there was no way out until you solved the mystery? Probably never, but it sure sounds fun. Escape rooms are one of the most challenging yet rewarding indoor team building activities that come with limitless customization. From enchanted forests, murder mysteries, treasure islands, zombie labs, space adventures, and lost kingdoms, players can immerse themselves in a thrilling world that goes beyond their wildest imagination.

It doesn’t just stop there. All team members have to step up and communicate with each other if they want to get out of the room. Not only does it help improve teamwork and communication skills, but your teammates will also feel a collective sense of accomplishment when they finish the puzzle, so what’s not to like?

3. Blow off steam with indoor war games

What’s better than letting off your steam against the colleagues that you secretly dislike with indoor CQB wargames? Now you can officially shoot the sucker without getting yourself into a lawsuit! Well, all jokes aside, war games are another excellent choice for indoor team building to foster teamwork, communication, and relationships among your team members for a myriad of reasons.
First, it’s packed with action and adrenaline-rushing excitement. From the sound of airsoft guns whizzing by your ears to the inexplicable satisfaction you get when you hit a target, war games are a great way to let your teammates get out of the office and forget about their never-ending to-do lists.

Second, you can customize your own wargame experience by choosing between different equipment like airsoft, gel blaster, and archery tag, as well as different game modes. Have a taste of what it feels like to be the protagonist of a superhero movie.

Third, war games challenge your team to communicate with one another and strategize their game plan if they want to win. All players have to actively participate in the process of communication, which is also the quality everyone needs in order to succeed in the workplace.

Get In The Action With Your Team Today

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