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5M, Kodak House, 321 Java Road, Quarry Bay

Monday - Thursday | 12pm - 12am

Friday, Weekend, PH | 9am - 12am

Please note that Sundays are reserved as Public Game days. We won't take private bookings on these two days, but you are welcome to walk-in! Learn more.

We have 1 game zone of approximately 9000 sqft.

Currently, we offer Airsoft (aged 12+), Gel Blasters (aged 8+), Nerf (aged 4+), and Archery Tag (aged 10+). Learn more

The minimum number of participants per group is 10.


We can host up to 100 participants maximum
with groups of 50 participants playing at any time.

The minimum number of participants for full venue booking as below:

Non-peak hour (Monday-Friday before 7pm): 40ppl

Peak hour (Monday-Friday after 7pm; Saturday, Sunday and public holidays): 50ppl

Drop by Tact Zone on any Wednesday and Sunday (without booking in advance) to join our public game sessions!

You will play against other walk-in players.

We have a gun range of 35m.

It is free of charge for our members. For bookings, please contact us.