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If you’re visiting us via the MTR, we recommend taking Exit C from Quarry Bay station, where we will be just a 3-minute walk away. You’ll find us to be one of the most CQB/shooting game locations in Hong Kong Island.

Tact Zone is a family-friendly wargame/shooting game venue that offers one of the newest and most comprehensive range of CQB and wargame equipment and protective gear in Hong Kong. Our weaponry includes airsoft guns (more competitive, suitable for aged 12+), gel blasters (aged 8+), Nerf (aged 4+), and archery tag (aged 10+).

All our games are completely safe for both adults and children as long as safety rules are followed, and protection gears are worn properly. Our friendly staff is also happy to provide equipment and safety instructions.

While outdoor wargames have been popular in Hong Kong for some time now, CQB is a relatively new way to experience what it feels like to engage in close-quarter military combat. In CQB, players often compete in an indoor wargame arena with weapons like airsoft guns and foam archery darts to complete their teams’ objectives. CQB is exciting and immersive and can offer a more beginner-friendly experience for corporates and companies that are looking for a highly strategic and collaborative team-building activity.

We also offer a gun range of 35m for shooting practice. Visit us to train up your skills and surprise your friends in future wargame/CQB/shooting game competitions.