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Tired of Boring Team Building Games Like Jenga, Trivia, Pictionary, etc.? Why Not Try Indoor Wargames with Tact Zone!

Tact Zone | August 3, 2023

Have you ever received an email invite to another team building event and immediately started dreading it, purely because they have gotten so monotonous? Maybe too many Jenga towers have been toppled over, countless Pictionary drawings have been frivolously guessed, and thousands of trivia questions have gone unanswered because the topics are too unrelatable. All of this just leaves you counting the seconds until you can leave the room and go home.

But what if your company switched their team building events up a notch? Imagine a team building game that whisks you away from the usual, takes you out of your comfort zone, and thrusts you into a world where strategic thinking, communication, collaboration, and quick problem-solving rule the day. With that, it is truly time to discard the boring board games and step into the thrilling realm of indoor wargames! The unconventional nature of these games is what makes them so fun and exciting, allowing you and your colleagues to see sides of one another that perhaps you hadn’t before!

Read on to explore the central role of team building in corporate culture and how wargames can foster your team building experiences as well as how wargames at Tact Zone could be the solution you need to liven up your company’s spirits. Get ready to bring the excitement back to your indoor team building events!

Why are team building games important?

Team building games are more than just about having fun with your fellow colleagues – although this is a big part of the experience. They should be viewed as a strategic way to strengthen collaboration, communication, and cohesion within a company all at once. Colleagues may not always have the chance to interact or work with each other within the office, especially if they belong to different departments or teams.

Team building encourages interaction across the board, enabling more natural conversations that do not purely revolve around work. Colleagues are also put in the position to solve problems together, which allows different work approaches and styles to intertwine. Also, it enables them to learn from one another and fosters better collaboration in the workplace. Enjoyable team building events will also lead to better employee morale and satisfaction, meaning a boost in retention, loyalty, and productivity.

Although conventional games like Jenga, Trivia, and Pictionary could kickstart this camaraderie, they do become predictable over time, reducing their effectiveness. This is where innovative options like indoor wargames come in, offering a blend of strategy, excitement, and immersive interaction that leaves your team buzzing and anticipating the next event.

What are indoor wargames?

Indoor wargames are interactive, simulation-based games that immerse participants in strategic scenarios often inspired by military strategies or fictional battle simulations. Within the game world, teams work together to navigate complex challenges, make strategic decisions, and execute coordinated action plans to achieve specific objectives together.

What different game modes are there?

To make the experience all the more exhilarating, indoor wargame events can be customized according to the unique needs of your team building activity. In addition to choosing your preferred wargame equipment (airsoft guns, gel blasters, nerf guns, or archery tag), different game modes are also available to encourage team members to think on their feet. The range of options also means you can return for another indoor wargame event and have a completely different experience to the last. At Tact Zone, the following game modes are available:

  • Team Elimination
  • Rescue the Hostage
  • Capture / Defend the Flag
  • Extract the Intel
  • Attack the Bridge

How do indoor wargames promote team building?

Indoor wargames are an effective and enjoyable option for team building due to many reasons. Some of the benefits of wargames include:

Boosts engagement and communication

One of the most important factors of team building is fostering communication and collaboration between team members. Wargaming by nature requires both of these things, where teams will need to formulate plans together, adapt to changing circumstances, and coordinate their actions in order to achieve their mission’s goals. Doing this as a team can significantly improve how colleagues connect and cooperate with one another, both in the game and in the workplace.

Enhances strategic thinking

Effective wargaming entails thinking strategically to make the best decisions, fostering an adaptable mindset that can translate well into a workplace setting. Split-second decisions might also need to be made, improving a team’s ability to make quick and informed decisions during high-pressure situations.

Strengthens problem-solving skills

Complex challenges abound during wargames, meaning teams need to put their heads together in order to succeed. This can strengthen a team’s collective problem-solving skills, leading to improved overall performance in the workplace.

Builds trust

Team members will need to work towards a common goal together during their wargame adventure, meaning they need to trust one another’s decisions and actions throughout. This will strengthen their bonds with one another and ultimately bring them closer together.

Book Tact Zone for your next indoor team building event!

Want to see how indoor wargames can improve your upcoming team building event in Hong Kong? Tact Zone is more than ready to host you and your team within its capacious 18,000 sqft wargame arena. Choose from a variety of customizable game modes, or even create your own custom experience to make this occasion truly unique. Whether your company is big or small, no stress – we can host up to 100 participants maximum, with a minimum number of 10 per group required. Check out our pricing options and book a session with us for your entire team today!

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